1st Workshop on MAThematical CHallenges to and from new technologiES 23-24 June 2022 Rome – Italy

MATCHES aims at fostering, promoting and strengthening collaborations and interactions between researchers working in the field of applied mathematics and computer science, and small and medium-sized enterprises. The workshop intends to be a laboratory in which researchers present advanced mathematical tools suitable for producing a strong industrial impact, and companies present the technological challenges to be faced in order to compete globally.

Workshop Program:

23 June 2022

Keynote speaker: Prof. Anil Kokaram, Trinity College, Dublin – Ireland Mathematical challenges and solutions in forensics Invited enterprises: Expert.ai spa, Sigma Consulting srl Invited speakers: Sebastiano Battiato, Michele Nappi, Marco Porta Mathematical challenges and solutions in spectral processing Invited enterprises: Nhazca srl, Superelectric srl Invited speakers: Antonio Cicone, Francesca Rosi, Jonatan Lerga Poster Session young researchers, phd students, postdoc fellows contributions are welcome

24 June 2022 Keynote speaker: Prof. Daniela Calvetti, Case Western University, USA Mathematical challenges and solutions in biology and medicine Invited enterprises: Macs srl, Zeiss spa Invited speakers: Cristina Campi, Annalisa Pascarella, Erkki Somersalo Mathematical challenges and solutions in multidimensional data processing Invited enterprises: Dune srl, Neural Research srl Invited speakers: Carolina Beccari, Benedetta Morini, Massimo Roma

Organizers: Vittoria Bruni. Francesca Pitolli, Domenico Vitulano Department of Basic and Applied Sciences for Engineering Sapienza Rome University


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