Research & Development in Biotechnology, Computer Science, Automation

MACS is a company based on Research and Development (R&D), focused on the study and development of technological innovation to improve its products, create new ones, or improve processes. 

The R&D team is highly qualified in the field of Biotechnology, Computer Science, Automation. 

The aim of modern biotechnology is to provide innovative products and technologies to fight  diseases, reduce the environmental footprint, feed the hungry, by giving us cleaner energy.

The discipline of computer science deals with the use of hardware & software in processing information. Computer Science focuses on the study of algorithms, data structures, network design, and artificial intelligence.

Thanks to the technique of automation it is possible to create applications to monitor and control both the production and the delivery of products & services.


Our strengths: IoT, Robotics, Neural Networks, and Artificial Intelligence

The goal of our Firm is to study new solutions for its products or to support the development of other companies’ products. Our strength is to provide solutions that combine multiple areas of technological innovation: IoT, Robotics, Neural Networks, and Artificial Intelligence. 

The fields in which MACS operates are in-vitro diagnostics (IVD), biomedical devicesprocessing and analysis of data acquired with sensors and processed by artificial intelligence.

In the field of IVD medical devices, MACS develops high value-added solutions thanks to the adoption of cutting-edge technologies and the most modern paradigms in the field of product design (e.g. industry 4.0 and internet-of-things).

Thanks to a multidisciplinary team (hardware and software engineers, biologists, project and product managers), MACS can operate during all the phases of the product lifecycle: from the development of the first prototype to the launch on the market, from the definition of the technical specifications to the project maintenance and upgrade.