Medical Advanced Components and Systems


We are building a world of intelligent and connected medical devices and solutions.

MACS aims to innovate the market for medical diagnostic devices through the introduction of ‘cutting-edge’ hardware and software technologies. To this purpose, MACS develops advanced components and systems in the field of biomedical instrumentation, with a particular focus on ‘in vitro diagnostics’ (IVD). 

MACS implemented a quality system compliant with the international standards UNI EN ISO 13485: 2016.

Our market has a global size and includes developing countries. In this case, the modern technologies, ensuring a more economical and reliable management of the instrumentation, make it possible to operate even in economically disadvantaged geographical areas.


IoT in medical diagnostics.

We are working hard to introduce the IoT paradigm into medical instrumentation to improve patient and clinician experience.

Unfortunately, we cannot unveil more details about our projects right now 🙂

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Experience in innovation with a focus on ‘in-vitro diagnostics’

MACS’ team brings together more than 25 years of industry experience in life sciences and healthcare data management, in particular in the development of in-vivo diagnostics (IVD) medical instrumentation. The products developed by members of the team during their work experience are currently distributed across the Europe, US and Asia-Pacific.


Dynamism and experience.

MACS operates with a young, dynamic and highly qualified team. MACS also prides itself on the fact that every collaborator has a strong technical background and experience, with a particular focus on life sciences and biomedical engineering.


Collaboration as a key of success

Our partners are precious advisors for our developments. We cherish our relationship with our partners and work hard on maintaining it by creating value, foster long term mutual profitable partnerships and create win-win scenarios.
We strongly believe that without good strategic partners (and client partners) it is impossible to achieve success and innovation level we aim to reach.
We are continuously looking for the best business partners, clients and employees who share our business cultural values.

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