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We are building a world of intelligent and connected medical devices and solutions.

MACS aims to innovate the market for medical diagnostic devices through the introduction of ‘cutting-edge’ hardware and software technologies. To this purpose, MACS develops advanced components and systems in the field of biomedical instrumentation, with a particular focus on ‘in vitro diagnostics’ (IVD).  MACS implemented a quality system compliant with the international standards UNI EN [...]

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SkyLAB 752

MACS s.r.l. is pleased to announce the acquisition, in partnership with EVEREX s.r.l., of the SkyLAB 752 ELISA analyzer project.  The acquisition is part of a wider strategy devoted to breathe new life into the SkyLAB project and continue its development. SkyLAB will be an essential component of a portfolio of innovative systems for the [...]

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